Not our wedding, of course (that was 17 years ago – wow, it’s all gone by fast!).  This was second-time-arounders Andy and Melisa.

The wedding took place in a church at lunchtime. We went to that in our car and then went home. In the evening we got changed again and went to the evening reception at Wood Norton in the van. As it’s only 15 minutes from home, why take the van? Well, unlike some of our friends, we didn’t book a room at the hotel as we anticipated just driving home afterwards. But, having the van meant a. We could take the dog and b. We could have a few drinks and then not worry about driving.


So we parked at the far end of the car park so that we wouldn’t be in the way of departing guests etc. We’d already walked the dog, so he was happy to sleep while we danced the night away at the wedding reception.

In the morning we made coffee, and then drove home. Our first night of ‘wild camping’ was over.