For the last couple of trips we seem to have had trouble with the water supply. Firstly, the water seemed to be going down more rapidly than we expected and the force of the water coming out of the tap seemed reduced. And then the water stopped completely. On one of the sites we added more water but it still wouldn’t come out of the tap even though we could hear the pump going.

On that trip we just had to make do without water, but knew that we had to fix it before using the van again. I removed all the covers and looked inside all the interior compartments to see if there was any sign of a leak. In the end I tracked it down to a joint in the system within the toilet cassette area. Water was leaking out of the joint – which had come loose – and leaking down into the bottom of the van and then coming out of the underside of the van.

I loosened the jubilee clip and reattached the joint. But we’ll have to be careful as we move the cassette in and out again, that it doesn’t catch again on this joint. Hopefully, no long term damage was done.