New learning…

1.) Check the battery charge regularly (and charge up if necessary).

We recently tried to set out on a trip and found that the battery was flat. As it turned out, it was terminal and we had to have a new battery. Also bought a mains adapter (Hook Up Lead Adapter) for the hook up lead so we can plug into the house mains. And we also bought a jump start pack (this one Hilta Jump Start Unit) in case it happened again.

2.) Don’t park on the grass if it is raining a lot.

Having got our van started, we then moved forward and immediately sank right into the mud. Tried bits if carpet, digging, pushing, reversing. Nothing worked. The trip had to be abandoned and the van had to be towed out in the morning. Then bought some grip mats (Milenco Grip Mats) to help if it ever happens again.

So – our second trip has not happened yet because of the problems above. In a way, we were lucky as it all went wrong at home and we’re now better prepared in case it happens when we’re out & about

3.) And while our van is sitting on the drive, our friend Kev advised us to get one of these a Dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture building up inside the van. And when we travel we pop it in the sink so it doesn’t leak.