In two days time, we’ll be taking our first trip abroad in our camper van. Whilst not wanting to make a huge meal out of the fact that we’ll be travelling on the continent, we have made a few preparations. We have done the following:

1.) Taken out international breakdown cover. We think our van is going to be as reliable as possible (as it has only done 12000 miles – but all sorts of things could happen, so breakdown cover seems like a sensible;e thing to do. Hope we don’t need to use it, but we will sleep easier knowing that it is there. The one unknown factor, is how good it is if or when when we do need to use it.

2.) Bought several items that are required for international travel (we’re told!). These include a warning triangle, a fire extinguisher (not sure it’s required for France but, again, it seems a sensible thing to do), headlight adjusters, medical kit (looks a bit pathetic, so we will add more items from our home medical kit), replacement bulbs (don’t even know if they are the right ones but at least we can show them to any Gendarme who asks to see them!), hi-viz vests and breathalyser kits (x 2). In addition, we’ve bought a tow rope – just in case.

3.) Bought an adapter for our electric hook up cable (in case the standard fitting isn’t used). See pic.

4.) Bought a second (full) gas bottle of propane. We understand that other types of gas are more popular abroad – but as we’re only going for a week, we think a spare 6kg bottle will more than be enough.

5.) Fill up with water. Not sure how clean the water will be, so we’re taking our own (we think the tank is 100 litres, so hopefully it’ll be enough for a week).

This is our first trip abroad in this van, so we hope that we’ve bought the right things, and prepared for as many eventualities as possible. In a week or so’s time, we’ll know how satisfactory these measures have been. If you have any advice or suggestions for things we might want to add/take (or leave behind!) let us know in the comments.

Au revoir me amis!