Other things we’ve bought recently…

– Drip mat (for putting on the glass surfaces so we can put the wet washing up, or other things, on the glass without scratching it).

– A spare carpet. Managed to get this by searching for Autocruise Accent on the Google and finding somewhere selling spare bits, which included some carpet sets. We’re not wild about carpet in the van, but it does help reduce some of the road noise when travelling.

– A cable-tidy thing to wrap the electric hook up lead around (so sick of trying to coil it).

– A flat hose pipe

– A groundsheet

– A portable water container

– A stick-on mirror – that lights up (for on the back of the clothes cupboard door).

– A small barbecue (bought for us, as a present) and associated cooking tools

– Our cinema screen (which came with stick-on hooks so we can hang it from the awning). We also bought a projector and DVD player but we probably won’t cart these around with us unless we know we’re going to be showing a film.

If we think of more, we’ll add them. Eventually, we’ll produce a comprehensive list of all the accessories we’ve bought (as this would have been useful for us when we first bought the van).