It’s been 4 weeks so far, and is likely to be a few more before we can travel again. Who knows? We’ve learnt a few things though..

1.) We are so lucky to live in rural Worcestershire, and that we have a good-sized house and garden. It’s meant that we all have space to escape to. We walk the dog every day across fields. While the lockdown has been on, we’ve seen lambs born, groups of deer in the fields, baby birds nesting in our garden learning how to fly, the daffodils and the bluebells (and now the wisteria starting to flower), the sound of birdsong, the reduction in sound from the motorway, the clear skies, the stars (and the space-x satellites), the friendliness of neighbours etc etc.

2.) Some of the things we might have thought were important (e.g. what model car we have, job titles, smart clothes, celebrity status etc.) we now know aren’t important at all. Instead we’ve learnt what IS important e.g. our health, having access to the supermarket, good weather, contact with family, the internet, Netflix, beer (and wine), space and time to think, the knowledge that the NHS is ready for us should we succumb to the virus.

3.) We can camp in the garden – and it’s actually a very nice campsite. It has power, a toilet (in our annexe), a great view of the Malvern Hills and the vineyard, it’s quiet, roomy and very cheap! Thanks to everyone at Great British Camp Out ( for the idea.

Having said all that, we can’t wait until we can set off on our travels again!

Mark & Sara