It’s coming up to a year since we took delivery of our van. Because it is over 3 years old, we have to get it MOT’d every year. We rang our usual guy and asked him to arrange the MOT test. He rang back a while later and asked how long the van was. I told him it was 6 metres long. He then said that he couldn’t arrange the MOT for us as the MOT test centre’s ramp was not long enough.

I then looked online for other MOT test centres. KwikFit advertised that they could MOT campervans. I booked ours into our local KwikFit place. And to be on the safe side, I rang them too. They told me they couldn’t do the MOT – yes, you guessed it, because their ramp wasn’t long enough.

I then thought – we need to try a truck garage. We drove to our local truck garage. Their MOT booking person was out and would call back tomorrow. While I was there I noticed a sign that directed at campervan owners indicating that any damage to a campervan must be notified before leaving the van there. I asked why that notice was there. It seems that truck drivers can be a bit unreliable in their manoeuvring around the garage and sometimes other vehicles could get damaged. That didn’t inspire me with confidence, so when they rang the next and said the ramp wasn’t long enough, I wasn’t too bothered. They did however recommend Ringway at Junction 6 of the M5. I rang them. After checking they advised they could do it. (They MOT all the council vehicles).

We booked it in and it passed – with no advisories. Hurrah!