When we collected our camper van, we knew we’d need to buy some more bits and pieces to make sure that our camper van life went as smoothly as possible. We managed to get a bit knocked off the price of the van so we used the saved money to buy the extra things we’d need.

The first was a solar panel. Since we had the new battery, we haven’t had any more battery problems – and when the sun came out, the solar panel really seems to be doing its job with keeping both batteries charged.

We went to a caravan suppliers called caravanstuff4u and bought 2 camping chairs, some chock-things to adjust the height of the van on a sloping surface. (Not used these yet – will surely provide lots of fun when we do!). Some grip mats (in case we get stuck in the mud). Toilet supplies (yuk). And a metal spike with a lead on it to tie the dog to.

When we had the mice infestation we bought a sonic mouse deterrent.

Then, at the end of each trip, we’ve made a list of things that we needed to buy next for the van. So, over the last few weeks, we’ve added the jump starter, a tow rope, UK and continental plug adapters for the electric hook up cable, dog bed, a thing to wrap the cable around, bungees (to hold things onto the awning etc), a thing for the tv that allows us to mirror what’s on the phone, tool kit, a bluetooth speaker which we use with the radio app on the phone, a sat nav (we bought this Aguri one) a breathable groundsheet, several phone charging leads, van-only wellies, coats & clothes, a barbecue, a hosepipe, all the bulbs/triangle/hi-viz etc that you are supposed to have for European travel, a second gas cylinder, as well as various fold up stuff, like dog bowls, cups, washing up bowl etc.

We’ve even bought CamperWags branded-up duvet cover & pillow cases!

The best thing we bought (by far) is the ‘all seasons’ duvet. Toasty warm & cosy! Perfect for winter trips.

I’m sure we’ll keep finding things that we need. It’s just a case of finding room for it all.

Hope you find this useful!