Woolacombe – July 2019

Having had such a good time on our Scottish Campervan trip, we decided that we would buy a campervan of our own. We started looking on eBay. We talked to our friends who owned campers. We did our research. We found ourselves at the camper van conversion company in the Midlands. We explained what we were looking for and told them that we were worried that our dog might not like travelling in the van (he barks all the time in the car). They realised that it was a critical factor in our buying decision, they kindly offered to hire us one of their vans for a night (free) so we could test how the dog reacted.

We picked the van up at lunchtime on the Saturday, and then contacted our friends Kev & Lynne (who we’d spent a lovely time with up in Scotland). It turned out that they had taken their van to Woolacombe for a few days. We asked if it would be ok if we joined them for one night and they said yes. So we drove down to Woolacombe.

‘How was the dog?’ I hear you ask. He was quiet for most of the trip – which was good. BUT, one of the reasons he was quiet was because he was chewing his way through the worktop in the van’s kitchen.

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26th September 2019