On the last trip, we had a problem with the water system in the van. At home, I filled up the tank and then, when I tried to turn the water pump on I could see the water drain out of the bottom of the van. I looked in all the interior compartments but could not see any water leaks. Then I removed the toilet cassette – and there was the offending problem. One of the pipe joints had got dislodged and so needed the jubilee clip loosening, the joint re-fitting and then tightening up the clip. Problem solved!

Our friends had invited us to a small gathering at their place in Farnham Common. But it only has one bedroom, so we took the van (and dog) so we had somewhere to sleep.

Got to Dave & Vanessa’s at about 5pm. Then the other guests arrived. Had plenty to drink and food. All in all, a great night. There were nearly as many dogs as people but Bowie was really well-behaved and kept away from the other dogs. In the morning we walked the dogs and then, after breakfast, drove home.