The lockdown may be slowly easing, but the campsites still aren’t open. So, at the moment, we can really only do day trips in the van. We recently went to the Oxford and then Cotswolds, partly for work and partly just to have a day out in the van. Then this weekend we went to Wiltshire.

Ever since we visited the stone circle on the Island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides (in the rented VW campervan), we’ve wanted to see more of these ancient sites. It’s just amazing to think how old they are, and how they’ve survived for such a long time.

In Oxford we went to St Benet’s College and took some photos (for work). After that we checked out Burford and got some lunch from a sandwich takeaway shop on the high street, which we ate in the van. Then we drove to Rollright and looked at the stone circle there. It’s really easy to get to. Parked in the lay-by and a short walk to the stones. The weather was lousy, so we were the only people there.

On Sunday this week, we had a look at the map and decided to head down too Wiltshire. It looks like there are lots of ancient sites in the area, including stone circles, white horses on the sides of hills, and old ruins. We also have some campervan friends (Kev & Lynn) who live in the area so we agreed to drop by and have lunch with them. Kev is an old friend from when we were teenagers and we re-met up with them during our trip to Lewis & Harris. They gave us lots of advice about buying a van – and that’s why we went for the panel van conversion – rather than a VW transporter, or a motorhome.

We weren’t that successful finding the white horses. we only found two. And the lunchtime stop meant that we needed to whizz across to Ramsbury which took a bit longer than we thought.

All in all, though, we had a nice day out. We’ll go back there another time and try and see a bit more of the area.