As we limp gratefully towards the end of 2020, we thought we’d try and take one more trip in the van, just to remind ourselves that we used to have fun – before this dreaded Covid and the resulting lockdowns and limitations on our freedom.

We only had a short window – just one night. We couldn’t leave until the Sunday afternoon – and we had to be back in Worcester for work by 11am on Monday. So we went back to Broadway. The advantages of Broadway are:

  • it’s not far from where we live (so it’s a relatively short journey to get there (and back)
  • it’s near to the Swan pub restaurant (one of our favourites)
  • the site is smart and open in December.

We set off after lunch on Sunday and arrived in the darkness. We used our voucher (for eecommending the CAMC to our friend Richard) to get £10 off the one night’s stay. We hooked up the van and watched some TV for a bit. The table at The Swan was booked for 8.30, so we had plenty of time to have a drink and get changed. At 8 o’clock we walked up into Broadway with the dog. The pub had a nice table for us in the window. Although I had anticipated having something off the Christmas menu (as this was supposed to be the Stretch Marketing Christmas Meal) I ended up having burger, and Sara has a beef salad. The manager even brought out some beef slices for the dog. We could only have a drink ‘with a substantial meal’ so, after we ordered food, we could order drinks. 

The food was great (as usual) and it was nice to drink pints of Doombar in a pub for a change. We walked back and watched The Godfather.

In the morning we took Bowie for a walk and then drove home. A brief night away – but fun and made a nice change from being at home all the time… Bring on more travels in 2021!