Covid-19 has messed everybody’s year up. Weddings, businesses, funerals, holidays – all affected. Our two week trip to a farmhouse in France (with all the family – including grandchildren) had to be cancelled. Our earlier trip to France had to be curtailed. So we decided to have a trip anyway. In this country. We haven’t seen our friends Andy & Sue for ages. They live n Brighton. So it seemed like a good opportunity to visit them. Plus we’d been invited to see our other friends in Pitton near Salisbury at the weekend so we decided to link those visits with a couple of stops inbetween.

We set off for Brighton on Tuesday 25th August. The weather for the week was looking dodgy but we thought any trip away is better than none. As it turned out there was a huge storm and when we arrived in Brighton there were huge waves crashing on the beach. We’d booked into the CAMC site at Brighton for 2 nights. It’s located at the rough end of Brighton near to the marina.

On arrival in Brighton we walked down to the promenade and walked towards the pier. The wind was really gusty. We had a beer in the beach bar. Then walked back to the campsite.